Distrustful Wife Hopped into a Taxi and Agreed to Pay Any Amount to Tail the Car in Front

Concerned about her husband’s suspicious behavior for some weeks, a loving wife arranges for a caring cab driver to follow the man, whatever the cost and wherever it leads. But everything is not as it seems when she eventually uncovers the truth and exposes a long-hidden secret.

Jessica and Jason sat silently across each other at the dinner table, feeling the strain of his recent late nights at work on the Simmons project. “This is nice,” Jason commented.

“Is it?” Jessica replied sarcastically. “I’m so glad you like it. I slaved away at it all afternoon.”

“Is something bothering you?” he asked, pursing his lips.

“I don’t know, Jason, you tell me. Is there something wrong?” Jessica countered cynically.

“Look, honey, I’m sorry I’ve been working late. This project is crucial to our business right now. If we lose the account, we’ll go out of business. We’re busting a gut to ensure we get this one right,” Jason explained, sighing.

“Oh, is that it then? Whatever you say, Jason. Do what you must. Who am I to stand in the way of your business.”

Jason grimaced at the animosity in his wife’s tone and feared that what he was about to say next would send her through the roof. “Uh, babe,” he said, “I know you’re going to kill me, but unfortunately I have to go back to work now, it’s just—”

Before he could finish his excuse, Jessica sprang to her feet, angrily seized her half-empty dinner plate and the lasagna dish, and stamped off into the kitchen without a word.

“Oh, God,” Jason whispered to himself. “This is not good.” He stood up, shouldered the jacket on the back of his chair, picked up the laptop bag at his feet, and exited the front door as quietly as possible.

Jessica was ready. As soon as she heard the front door close, she made the call she’d been planning when the time came: “Where are you?” she asked the person on the other end of the line. “Okay, good. I’m coming out through the back gate now.”

Wrapping herself in a dark maroon shawl, Jessica shoved quickly through the backyard and out onto the street. The yellow taxi cab was exactly where she had asked it to be: on the curb right in front of the back gate.

She jumped in. “Go around the block to the front of the house, fast,” she instructed the driver, who nodded and stepped on the gas. They swung around, making a quick right and then another.

“There up ahead,” Jessica said, “the black Audi, follow that car.”

The driver nodded. “Yes, madam,” he said.

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