Bank Consultant Ridiculed My Postpartum Wife After Viewing Her ID – I Went Back Days Later to Make a Point

We had just welcomed our baby girl, and the postpartum period was challenging for my wife Sarah. She had gained weight and was feeling exhausted. Last week at the bank, a rude consultant made fun of her after seeing her outdated ID photo. Who does that? Angered, I went back a few days later to give him a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

Hey everyone, it’s Edward here—just your typical sleep-deprived new dad, fueled by cuddles (and endless diaper changes!), but completely in love with my 8-week-old daughter, Lily.

She’s a tiny bundle of joy with adorable chubby cheeks and the softest hair you’ve ever seen. Being a parent is magical, don’t get me wrong. The gurgles, the coos, the way she brightens up at the sound of your voice… it’s a symphony.

But no one warned me about the postpartum phase. It’s like an exhausting trial that stole the brightness from my normally vibrant wife, Sarah. Dark circles under her eyes, constant exhaustion… you get the idea?

Anyway, this story is about something that happened a few days ago, and I need to vent. So buckle up, because it involves a jerk of a bank consultant who INSULTED my postpartum wife and my determination to win a bit of decency. Let’s dive in!

Sarah needed to visit the bank for some mundane adult tasks. Nothing complicated, just a quick errand.

“I’ll be quick!” she promised, throwing on a comfortable dress, tying her hair back in a messy ponytail (because hello, newborn!), and forcing a smile, the kind that doesn’t quite reach her eyes but she hopes will suffice.

Fast forward to that night, and that smile had vanished. Instead, there were tear streaks and a trembling voice. Apparently, a middle-aged jerk named Mark at the bank decided to mock my wife.

Sarah told me this jerk looked at her ID, then at her (looking more “mom” than her pre-baby picture, which, duh!), and smirked, loudly enough for the ENTIRE bank to hear, saying:

“Wow, this must be an old photo. Motherhood’s been… DIFFERENT for you, huh?”

“I was MORTIFIED, Ed,” Sarah choked out, tears filling her eyes.

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