My Husband, Who Makes Less Money Than I Do, Pressured Me into Getting Another Job — So I Picked One to Give Him a Wake-Up Call

When Lisa’s husband, Tom, starts pestering her about finding a second job, she grows suspicious of his motives. Eventually, fed up with his constant nagging, Lisa decides to get a job. But once she starts, Lisa uncovers a terrible truth about her husband.

In our home, I am the primary breadwinner. This had never been a problem, but recently, my husband Tom has been pressuring me to get a second job.

“You don’t even leave the house to work, so you can’t possibly be as tired as I am at the end of the day,” Tom said.

“But you’re a mechanic, Tom,” I countered. “You run your own business. And you take three days off just because you have employees to do the work.”

“Let’s just put a pin in this conversation,” he said dismissively.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll start looking.”

My husband looked as though he’d received an early Christmas present.

“Good,” he said. “That settles it.”

I watched as he picked up his plate and left it on the kitchen counter, not bothering to throw away the leftover food.

If he wanted me to find a second job, I would. But I knew exactly what would make him regret his suggestion.

The next day, as Tom left for work, he popped his head into my home office.

“Don’t forget to start job hunting,” he said. “And put more effort into my work overalls, Lisa. Some grease stains just won’t come out. It’s embarrassing.”

With that, he walked out.

“Goodbye to you, too,” I muttered as he left.

I then visited the bowling alley’s website. It was the place where Tom and his friends played. I had always wondered why they went there so often despite it being dark and unwelcoming to me.

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