Girl Mocks Poor Grandma for Cheap Old Ring She Gifts Her, Throws It Away and It Opens — Story of the Day

Emma was dancing with her groom when the hotel manager interrupted, saying someone was asking for her outside. It was her uninvited grandmother, Martha, with a wedding present Emma didn’t want. She threw the tiny box, revealing something that made her sneer.

Emma and her new husband, Dylan, enjoyed their first dance until the manager interrupted. “Someone is asking for you outside, Mrs. Henderson,” he said.

“Who?” Emma asked, pulling away from Dylan.

“She says she’s your grandmother, Martha.”

Dylan offered to handle it, but Emma sighed. “No, she’ll make a scene. I’ll go.”

Outside, Martha smiled. “You look beautiful, darling.”

Emma stepped back. “You weren’t invited for a reason.”

“I know,” Martha said, tearing up. “I had to see you get married.”

“You need to go,” Emma said, holding back anger. “My father would be here if it weren’t for you.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” Martha whispered, offering a jewelry box. “I hope you like it.”

Emma looked at it disdainfully. “A cheap piece of jewelry? Did you steal it?”

“If it weren’t for your greed, my father would be here!” Emma cried, tears choking her. “Just get lost!”

Martha walked away, and Emma’s tears fell as she remembered the day she grew to hate her.

Years ago, Emma’s father was in legal trouble, and they needed money to avoid jail. Desperate, Emma asked her grandmother to sell her bakery, but Martha refused. Her father went to prison, and later, he died there. Emma blamed Martha.

Back at the wedding, Dylan found Emma holding the jewelry box tightly. She threw it on the ground, revealing an emerald ring and a note from Martha explaining her actions and expressing love. Emma’s heart melted.

Emma drove to her grandmother’s house the next day, only to find it sold. A neighbor revealed Martha had moved after a cancer diagnosis, intending to give Emma the house’s proceeds. Emma rushed to find Martha at a local motel, only to learn she had passed away the night before. Emma’s anger turned to sorrow as she screamed in grief.

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