I Made My Fiancé Regret Cheating on Me with My Best Friend – “Yes cry at the altar”

Brad and I had been together for five years, planning a future that seemed almost picture-perfect. Meanwhile, Andrea, my best friend since we were twelve, was like a sister to me. We shared everything, from secrets to dreams. It was unimaginable to think either of them could betray me, but that’s exactly what happened. I discovered Brad’s infidelity when Andrea tearfully confessed she was pregnant and that Brad was the father.

The betrayal was a knife to the heart. Brad and Andrea, the two people I trusted most, had shattered my world. The revelation not only destroyed our engagement but also demolished the foundation of my friendship with Andrea. The ensuing fallout was intense. Both families were livid, refusing to attend their wedding. Brad and Andrea blamed me for their predicament, calling me selfish and vengeful. Their audacity to place the burden of their families’ absence on me was infuriating.

The Brazen Ultimatum
As if the betrayal wasn’t enough, Brad and Andrea had the nerve to ask me to attend their wedding. They believed my presence could mend fences with their families. They even offered to name their future daughter after me if I agreed. This proposal was the last straw. The sheer arrogance and insensitivity of their request ignited a fury in me. I resolved to attend their wedding, but not to play the role they envisioned.

Instead, I began to meticulously plan my revenge. I would make Brad and Andrea regret their actions. They thought they could manipulate me into repairing the damage they had caused, but they underestimated my resolve. I would ensure that their wedding day was one they would never forget, for all the wrong reasons.

The Calm Before the Storm

The day of the wedding arrived. I dressed in my finest, hiding my turmoil behind a composed exterior. As I entered the church, I could feel the tension in the air. Brad stood at the altar, visibly nervous. Andrea was nowhere to be seen. Guests whispered among themselves, sensing that something was amiss.

I took my seat near the front, my mind racing with the plan I had crafted. Every detail had been considered, and now it was time to execute. The ceremony began, and as the pastor spoke, I could see Brad’s eyes darting around, searching for reassurance. Andrea finally appeared, looking radiant in her white gown. But the serenity on her face would soon be replaced by shock and disbelief.

The Revelation
When the pastor asked if anyone had any objections, I stood up. Gasps echoed through the church as all eyes turned to me. My heart pounded, but I remained steadfast. “I object,” I declared, my voice unwavering. The room fell silent. Brad and Andrea stared at me, their expressions a mix of confusion and fear.

“I object because this wedding is built on lies and betrayal,” I continued. “Brad and Andrea have not only betrayed me but also the trust and love of their families. They have the audacity to blame me for their families’ absence, yet they are the ones who caused this pain.”

The Aftermath
The wedding was abruptly halted. Guests left in disbelief, and the church emptied out. Brad and Andrea stood alone at the altar, their dream wedding in ruins. As I walked away, a sense of vindication washed over me. They had tried to manipulate me, to use my presence to their advantage, but I had turned the tables.

In the days that followed, their relationship deteriorated. The strain of the failed wedding and the loss of familial support took its toll. Brad and Andrea realized the magnitude of their betrayal and the consequences of their actions. They tried to reach out to me, to apologize, but I had moved on. My life was no longer intertwined with theirs.

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