I Discovered My Husband Was Getting Monthly Payments from My Dad – When I Learned the Reason, I Insisted He Double the Amount

When I discovered my husband was getting monthly payments from my dad, I knew something was off. Uncovering the truth forced me to face deep manipulation and betrayal. What I learned changed everything, leading to an unexpected ultimatum.

I was preparing for my husband Matthew’s birthday party, arranging balloons and setting the cake on the table. The doorbell rang, and I called out, “Matthew, can you get that? I’m a bit tied up here!”

Matthew nodded and opened the door to reveal my father, Walter, with his usual stiff demeanor. From the kitchen, I watched Walter hand Matthew an envelope. Matthew accepted it, looking a bit surprised.

“Happy birthday, Matthew,” Walter said, his voice flat.

“Thanks, Walter,” Matthew replied, glancing at me. Suspicion crept in; Walter had never been generous. He didn’t even buy me birthday gifts as a kid!

Throughout the party, my mind kept drifting back to the envelope. What could be in it? Walter had handed it over like it was nothing.

I saw Matthew slip the envelope into his jacket pocket, his face unreadable. My curiosity turned into worry.

When the guests had left and the house was quiet, I searched Matthew’s desk. Inside the envelope, I found $3,000 in cash. My heart skipped a beat. Why would my father give Matthew this much money? It didn’t make sense.

The next morning, I confronted Matthew.

“Why did my father give you $3,000?”

“It’s just a birthday gift, Hannah. Don’t make a big deal out of it,” he replied.

I felt a surge of anger. “Three grand isn’t just a gift. Why would he give you that much money?”

Matthew’s nervous smile widened. “Maybe because men handle money better than women. He knows I’ll spend it well.”

I clenched my fists, holding back a retort. Later that night, while Matthew slept, I checked his laptop for clues but found nothing suspicious.

Frustrated, I called my father.

“Dad, why did you give Matthew $3,000?”

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