My Dog Suddenly Grew Extremely Attached to My Wife – When I Discovered the Reason, I Filed for Divorcee

When my wife fell ill, our loyal Labrador became her constant guardian, never leaving her side. Even after she recovered, his clinginess escalated. Concerned and puzzled, we sought answers, only to uncover a shocking revelation that shattered our marriage and changed our lives forever.

I never thought I’d be sitting on my front porch, staring at a sunset while struggling to come to terms with the breakdown of my marriage.

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, and today, I was squarely in the path of one such pitch.

It all started a few weeks back. Alicia, my wife, had always been the nurturing type. She had a knack for making our house feel like a home, filled with warmth and love.

Then she was struck down by a nasty stomach bug. It came out of nowhere and knocked her off her feet, leaving her exhausted.

Rocky, our three-year-old Labrador, became her shadow during those days. He refused to leave her side, even when I tried to coax him away with his favorite toy.

After Alicia recovered, Rocky’s behavior didn’t revert to normal. If anything, it intensified. He’d whine and scratch at the door if Alicia so much as stepped out of his sight. It was sweet at first, until he became aggressive.

One day, Alicia took him for a walk through our neighborhood. The Thompson kids were playing out front with their terrier, a common sight.

Usually, Rocky would’ve ignored the commotion, but not this day.

The terrier spotted Rocky and ran up to him. Rocky tensed immediately, and when the dog was about a yard away, he bared his teeth and snarled at the terrier.

“Rocky, what the heck?” Alicia said, tightening her grip on his lead.

He continued to snarl and snap at the terrier until the kids called their dog away. This sort of behavior was completely out of character for Rocky, and it set off alarms in my head.

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