I Found My Husband’s Hidden Dating Profile – I Set Up a Decoy Account and Arranged a Memorable Date for Him

When Lilian discovered her husband’s secret dating profile, she devised a plan for a blind date he’d never forget. Posing as another woman, she lured him into a trap that exposed his betrayal in front of their families.

I recently hung out with my friend, Hailey. It was on Friday night at my place while my husband, Dylan, was at work. Hailey’s divorced and often browses dating sites, so we decided to find her a new man there.

It was fun scrolling through guys on the dating site, laughing at cheesy profiles and cringeworthy bios. Hailey, ever the optimist, was hopeful we’d find her Prince Charming.

“Look at this one,” Hailey giggled, pointing to a guy posing with a fish he’d caught. “He must think that fish is his best catch!”

We were in hysterics, swiping left on most profiles, until suddenly, my laughter caught in my throat. There, staring back at me from the screen, was a familiar face. My heart plummeted.

“Hailey, stop,” I said, my voice trembling. “Is that… Dylan?”

Hailey leaned in, squinting at the profile picture. “Wait, what? Oh my god, it is him!” She glanced at me, eyes wide with shock. “What is he doing on here? Isn’t he supposed to be at work?”

My husband, the man I trusted, had a profile on a dating site. And not just any profile: one where he looked genuinely happy, using his middle name, Oliver, and a different last name.

“What is he doing on a dating site?”

Hailey’s face hardened with determination. “Lilian, we need to do something about this. You can’t just let it slide.”

Ideas swirled in my head, but one stood out. My initial fury gave way to a cold, calculated plan. “Hailey, I know exactly what to do.”

Without missing a beat, I created a fake account on the dating site. I crafted a profile of an attractive, mysterious woman, complete with alluring photos. Then, I sent Oliver a message: “Hey, handsome! Looking good! How about we meet on a BLIND DATE at the restaurant tomorrow evening?”

I watched the screen, my breath held tight in my chest. It didn’t take long for the notification to pop up; Oliver had replied. “Sounds great! See you then. ;)”

The nerve of this man! Rage and a strange thrill of anticipation bubbled within me. I turned to Hailey, who looked equally incensed and impressed.

“You really did it,” she said, shaking her head. “You’re going to confront him, aren’t you?”

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