Meghan Markle Adopted a New Nigerian Name During Her Visit

Meghan Markle’s trip to Nigeria stirred up a lot of interest and discussion, from her newly adopted name to her fashion choices, highlighting issues of heritage, public figure expectations, and style.

Recently, Meghan wrote a heartfelt letter to the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, expressing her gratitude for the warm welcome and the traditional Yoruba name she received during her and Prince Harry’s three-day working visit in May 2024.

In her letter, Meghan shared her humility and honor at being bestowed the name Adetokunbo, appreciating the trust placed in her to bear it with grace and dignity. She emphasized how the visit was significant for her family’s connection to their heritage and looked forward to returning.

The Press Secretary to the monarch revealed that Meghan and Prince Harry’s visit included royal receptions and gifts, including Royal beads, underscoring Meghan’s Nigerian roots revealed through a genealogy test. During her stay, Meghan engaged with women leaders to discuss mentorship and professional challenges for young women.

However, Meghan’s fashion choices during the visit also sparked debate. Her series of five shoulder-baring dresses were noted for their style but also criticized for cultural insensitivity and appropriateness, given the settings of her appearances.

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